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Wim Selles

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Wim Selles

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I'm a 37 year old workaholic from the Netherlands who loves to automate web and or mobile web / app applications. I've been doing this for a long time now and I have learned a lot from the test community. After a few years of creating websites I've decided to change my site and share my testautomation knowledge with the rest of the world.

The last years I've been creating and maintaining my own modules for image comparison and reporting. I also created a a boilerplate to help and support testautomation engineers when automating with Protractor (see my GitHub).  Because I also learned a lot from the people on Stackoverflow I now also actively contribute and help people there. At last I'm also a family guy who has 2 beautiful daughters and a beautiful wife. They all support me in doing the things I like, even though being married to / being the daughter of a workaholic isn't always that much fun for them, they still like me ;-).