Vivek Singhal

Vivek Singhal

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist
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Vivek Singhal

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Serial Entrepreneur and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning expert.

A leading Data Scientist and researcher with expertise in AI and Machine Learning. Also, a Startup Advisor and Industry Consultant having spent many years in USA and India in the high-tech industry. Co-Founder at CellStrat, India's leading Artificial Intelligence startup.

Serial Entrepreneurial experience having Co-Founded or advised several startups in prior years including (AI-driven online health startup), (online furniture and decor) and SalesGlobe (sales CRM).

Long experience in telecom and digital industries in Strategy, Mobile Apps/Web, Data Analytics, Systems Integration and Enterprise Mobility, in leading MNCs like IBM, AT&T, Schlumberger, HCL-HP etc.

Thought leader within and outside the corporate environment driving innovation and consulting in emerging areas like Artificial Intelligence, Social Commerce, Enterprise Mobility and IoT. Regular participation in events and forums in the capacity of Advisor and Speaker.

Specialties: Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Mobility, ECommerce, Startups, Telecom, Business Consulting, Systems Integration