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Vivek Ganesan is the author of the book Blameless Continuous Integration and a secret ‘super hero’ at Ampyard who helps organizations, teams and individuals to be better and happier than they are. He lives in India and spends his leisure time envisioning and writing about technology and agile software development and sometimes, singing in his bathroom.

Vivek is an agile practitioner. He is a Certified Agile CoachSAFe AgilistCertified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), a learner and a public speaker too. He spoke at various conferences in different countries.  You can find a list of his talks here.

You can follow Vivek on Twitter, if you would like to catch up with his thoughts.

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Community Contribution

  • Volunteered as a Program Committee Member for Agile India 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Volunteered as a facilitator at Spark the Change India 2017.
  • Volunteered as a Track Steward for Discuss Agile Bangalore 2016 and Discuss Agile Delhi 2016.
  • Volunteered as a facilitator in San Jose City Online Budgeting Program conducted by 'Every Voice Engaged'

Past Conference Talks

(Current list available at


Within India

  • Lean Kanban India 2018
  • Agile 2018 San Diego
  • Theme and Framework Agnostic Conference 2018
  • DevOps Days Moscow 2018
  • Agile & Automation Conclave 2018 by Accenture
  • Agile Gurugram 2018
  • Accenture Liquid Delivery Day 2018
  • Spark the Change India 2018
  • Business and Enterprise Agility Conference 2017 (BEACON)
  • Discuss Agile Conference Bangalore 2017
  • Agile Deep Dive Conference Bangalore 2017
  • Regional Scrum Gathering (India) 2017
  • DevOps Conference 2017 Hyderabad
  • DevOps Conference 2017 Bengaluru
  • DevOps Conference 2017 Chennai
  • Featured Speaker at JavaOne India, 2013.  
  • Agile India 2015
  • Discuss Agile Conference Delhi  2015
  • XP Conference 2015
  • Discuss Agile Day Hyderabad 2015
  • Discuss Agile Conference Bangalore 2016
  • Discuss Agile Conference Delhi 2016
  • XP Conference 2016