Tomasz Janowski

Tomasz Janowski

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Tomasz Janowski

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Multi skilled, full stack senior software engineer with a focus on agile methodologies and DevOps culture. I value work environments with cross functional, independent, high performing teams. I'm enthusiastic, curious and I love to be surrounded by smart people.

My current development stack consists of: Ruby on Rails, Angular JS, HTML5, web development, micro services, DevOps. I have a strong Java Enterprise background.

I have experience in moving large scale web applications from a data centre to the Amazon cloud.

The project I'm currently working on involves aggregating geospatial data from a number of providers using technologies like PostGIS, CartoDB, OpenStreetMap, GeoServer, QGIS.

I work with a team of developers on building scalable and maintainable software. My role is to make sure that the team is empowered to work effectively in a safe environment as well as making sure that the solution we deliver meets the stakeholders' needs.