Tim Beattie

Tim Beattie

Engagement Lead / Agile Coach
Red Hat Open Innovation Labs
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Tim Beattie

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I am an consultant and coach with a strong passion for Agile philosophy. I have worked in IT delivery for 18 years, starting my career on the PwC IT consulting graduate programme.

In the early stages of my career I completed several client engagements delivering development, test, architecture and the project management of complex systems integration programmes. These were often vast projects delivering little business value to the client or their customers until the big bang go live. What is more, customer needs often evolved during the project lifecycle meaning the end solution did not meet latest customer needs.

Looking to deliver value to customers quicker and more regularly, I moved to a smaller consultancy where I worked on projects using Agile. As I adapted my approach, I came to realise that the core principles and values behind Agile are what really drive my passion for IT delivery.

After 12 years of taking Agile approaches in everything I do, I am as motivated as ever by building focussed, passionate and highly capable cross-functional teams in a room dedicated to collaboratively delivering business value (and having a lot of fun along the way!). I also coach Agile programmes at scale involving multiple teams, suppliers and geographies making use of the many ideas and techniques presented in frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS and DAD. I have particular focus and interest in enabling teams to reach rapid continuous delivery through automation, eXtreme Programming practices and DevOps collaboration. I provide Agile coaching and lead Agile training (including Design Thinking methods as well as Agile/DevOps Delivery classroom courses) to clients and internal staff. This is all done with an ever-increasing focus on being very transparent, delivering business value to the client (and their customers) early, and inspecting and adapting to continuously improve such that we can deliver great working outcomes and do so regularly.