Susan Basterfield

Susan Basterfield

Member and Foundation Director
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Susan Basterfield

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Susan Basterfield’s purpose is to end suffering in the workplace. She is a member of Enspiral - a collective of entrepreneurs, changemakers and activists who help people worldwide work on stuff that matters. 

Since 2010 Enspiral has been experimenting and prototyping; living proof that individuals can choose to band together and break free from an economic system which funnels talents into organisations and bureaucracies, rather than purpose, meaning and service.

Enspiral is at the forefront of the global self organising movement, exploring how cooperatives of entrepreneurs can support each other without being beholden to traditional investment and equity based funding.

Susan serves the Enspiral Foundation as a Director and Catalyst. Her lived experience enhances her international work with organisations intent on actualising the workplace of the future. Proof that 25 years working in multi-nationals is a reversible condition, she is the co-author of Reinventing Startups, the soon to be released Reinventing Scale-Ups and convenor of the Practical Self-Management Intensive.