Sunil Roy

Sunil Roy

Principal Program Manager - Agile Coaching
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Member since 7 years


Sunil Roy

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I have been practicing Agile since 2005 (4 years in U.S., and then in India).

I was a key member right from the beginning, in the Agile Transformation and Scaling at Nokia Maps division (earlier called NAVTEQ, now called HERE).

Since 2008, I have been conducting training and coaching (for Teams, SMs and POs) in Agile Fundamentals, Scrum, Improving Agile/Scrum practices, in current and previous org.

I have played multiple roles at Nokia since 2009

1)  Agile Trainer and Coach

2)  A key member of the Agile Working Group (responsible for Agile Coaching, Transformation and Scaling).  

       Managing the whole Agile Implementation/Improvement Program in Mumbai office (including the Agile Working Group). 

       I am also coordinating with other Nokia Offices globally on Agile implementation, practices and events.

       My responsibilities continue to include Training, Coaching, Transformation, Scaling and suggesting tools enhancements.

3)  Organized 2 Hack Weeks (Hackathons) in Mumbai office, with huge success

4) Agile Events, Team Building Events

5)  Was Scrum Master of 2 teams


My Career Journey

Developer (Traditional) => Project Leader (Traditional) => Agile Developer (U.S. - 2005) => Scrum Master (U.S., India) => Trainer => Coach