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I am not Paul Hawken. Or Peter Senge or Richard Branson. But I have studied these social innovators and am diligently working to apply these concepts in a 300-person business, venture-backed startup that I founded in 2002. I am the Chief Sustainability/Social/Strategy Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Rally Software.

We are a How company and I am a How innovator, where the rubber meets the road. I am an expert in helping companies adopt a methodology called Agile development and Lean Startup, loosely defined as methods for delivering small batches in quick cycles to speed learning and innovation. I founded Rally to help make a major impact in the technology industry by moving it from a slow, wasteful and burdensome product model to a fast, sustainable, high-impacting service model. I hope this leads to changes, as Paul Hawken and the Lovins described in Natural Capitalism. The goal here is to break the take-make-waste cycle and move society toward a regenerative service model – a model where work creates joy, diversity, social justice and clean ecosystem services. We are moving beyond product team to Agile portfolio management, as well as agility throughout the organization. You can follow all of my efforts in these areas in my blog posts, like those on Sustainability.