Rose Hashinaga

Rose Hashinaga

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Rose Hashinaga

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組織変革とプロセス改善-organizational-change-and-process ci&t people-&-culture culture enterprise-agile leadership organizational-change:組織変革とリーダーシップ エンタープライズ 大規模アジャイル メトリクス リーン&アジャイル 企業文化 デジタル変革

Leading Lean&Agile Transformation in Japan Software Industry.

Since the beginning of my career I'm a passionate about process and people.

Working at CI&T since 2002, Rational Unified Process, CMMi 5 are part of my journey.
Joined the Agile Transformation Wave in the company, with the first Scrum teams for International clients.

Leaded the support team for one of the biggest clients for CI&T. Later, took responsibility of Lean Transformation for the contract, leading 100+ people to Lean Delivery.

On 2016, moved to Tokyo - Japan, to bring CI&T Culture and Lean Mindset to our operation in Japan. 
Since then, adapting and learning a lot about Japan Culture and adjusting CI&T process to leverage our clients to a real Lean Transformation.