Ranjeet Pethe

Ranjeet Pethe

Tester, Scrum Master.
Independent Consultant
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Ranjeet Pethe

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I am Ranjeet Pethe. Tester and Scrum master by profession and proxy product owner by default(sometime). I am a big advocate of using technology to solve critical , difficult and heavyweight business problems.At the same time I also believe that technology solutions are only as good as the people who implement it. This creates a very fine balance between what technology can do and what we can do using technology.

One of my aims over last 18 years in industry has been to tread into uncharted territory  and see first hand how much of my belief is true in real world. This aim has pushed me to work various domains such as medical, e-commerce , banking , financial services , retail. I have also tried my hand at different tech domains such as COTS for banking and Insurance, custom software development for ecommerce and mobile apps and more recently in Business intelligence and DataWarehouse.

In this talk I want to share my experiences of bringing automated testing , devops and overall goodness of faster, reliably development of Apps world to the hitherto considered unknown/complex/complicated world of traditional DataWarehouse programs

Hopefully I will be able to bring you along on a journey where I share my wins and frustrations of implementing "software engineering" in datawarehouse world.