nuno borges

nuno borges

Software Development Coach
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nuno borges

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I am passionate about helping software organizations, small to Enterprise, successfully cross the Transformation barrier into highly motivated, autonomous and productive teams. Since Snowbird 2001, Agile has elevated the humanist principles we use to build value through software, and yet, the difficulties and challenges of transformation remain prevalent. My hard earned experience, both good and bad, leading teams through this transformation is enriched by current organizational design thinking. Modern methods employ a complex adaptive approach that focus on delivery through solid principles and targeted experimentation – not dogma and senseless prescription.

I am a relentless advocate of craftsmanship and professionalism, and expertly guide teams towards excellence through continuous improvement. As an experienced Organizational Leader, I understand how to inspire individuals and teams into highly productive and collaborative groups, by combining integrity and healthy accountability with the drive to self-organize and autonomously deliver outstanding products.