Nilesh Naik

Nilesh Naik

Program Manager
Veritas Software
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Member since 3 years


Nilesh Naik

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Nilesh helps teams and people become more agile by facilitating Scrum, providing coaching, training and consulting in agile frameworks, principles and mindset. 

Nilesh has worked closely with different organizations in different domains like ITIL, Event Management, PLM, Banking, Storage. He is a seasoned veteran with Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Lean and harnesses this experience for his teams successes. 

Before jumping into ocean of opportunities in Agile, Nilesh has worked in different traditional IT roles - Developer, Tester, Team Lead, Architect even Project Manager. He also draws on a vast experience as agile team member and Scrum Master.

He is sharing his insights and experiences with people seeking for new ways to achieve even more than before with different Agile sessions, conferences, blogs. 

A Techie levering his technical acumen for taking teams into world of Agility !!