Morten Kromberg

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Morten Kromberg has been developing applications and tools for developers in APL since 1979 – almost ¾ of the time that has passed since the first APL interpreter saw the light of day in 1966 (coincidentally, this is roughly the same fraction of his own life). Amongst other things, he was the CTO of Adaytum Software from 1995 to 2000 ( where he was responsible for the development of a highly successful business planning solution based upon APL, which was subsequently acquired by Cognos and is currently known as IBM Cognos 8 Planning.

Since 2005, Morten has been the CTO of Dyalog Ltd ( , which has become the fastest-growing vendor of APL interpreters, based in Bramley (Hampshire), UK. Morten is a frequent speaker at APL conferences, and presented a paper titled “Arrays of Objects” at 2007 the symposium on Dynamic Languages, on the integration of object and array paradigms in Dyalog APL (

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