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Marah Rosenberg

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Marah Rosenberg

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I work within the natural structures that teams create, enhancing the existing communications and project workflow in a way that encourages sustainable performance and growth. Starting my career in telecommunications research, I have participated in the design and manufacturing of early video conferencing systems.  After working in the non-profit sector, I now work in educational publishing where I work with teams to change the face of education on line.  

In my spare time make site specific sculpture art, and I'm currently on a mission to see a waterfall in every state (I have 13 of 50).

Project Management (PMP 2005, ACP 2015)
Additional Activities:
Center for Creative Leadership, Foundations of Leadership
Presenting Data and Information, Edward Tufte
American Management Association, Project Scope Management
Just Start, Entrepreneurial Thought and Action, Babson College