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Mangalam Nandakumar

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Mangalam Nandakumar

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I am a software professional with over 16 years of experience in product management and software delivery. I have played multiple roles in her career starting as a developer. I transitioned to business analysis, product management and am at present a digital technology consultant. I am a multipotentialite - an entrepreneur, speaker, blogger, feminist, mentor, coach all rolled into one. I am also an artist and have exhibited and sold my art works. At present, I am authoring a book on product management

My first startup venture was Purple Art School (, where I conducted art workshops for children and adults. My second startup (AIDA) was in the event mobility and digital engagement domain ( ). AIDA was shortlisted under the Top 10 Promising Startups by CII in 2015 and shortlisted finalist for Best Event Technology honor at MICE Asia Pacific, 2015.

I take great passion in mentoring and coaching women in their career pursuit. I love bringing people together to achieve meaningful goals. During my corporate tenure, I initiated a forum to encourage women to speak at conferences. I was also instrumental in setting up a childcare center at one of my former workplaces. I has also served in the global diversity/ inclusivity editorial board during my tenure at ThoughtWorks.

Some of my previous speaking experiences 


  • Speaker at Converge, 2016 – “Designing Solutions for Rural India”

  • Speaker at Mobile India 2015 – “Event Mobile Apps”

  • Speaker at Construkt, 2015 - “Evolving an idea into a Product”

  • Speaker at Dr. Dobb’s Conference 2014, Pune – “Agility in the Workplace”

  • Organized BAConf, 2013 at ThoughtWorks, Bangalore.

  • Speaker at BAConf 2013, Bangalore– “Bringing up a product owner”


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