Lan Diep

Lan Diep

Change Manager
NEAMI National
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Lan Diep

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Adult Leadership Development Being-Nothing-Becoming facilitation Integral Theory leadership learning organisational-agility Structure and Emergence The Thinking Environment

With a growing awareness of the complexity and disruptions in our world today, I am a passionate advocate for wisdom cultures – a culture that helps us grow wiser from one system into the next one (systems of Me, Us, All of Us) so that we can integrate and thrive in complexity – transforming the world – from an embodied place of presence and purpose.

Wisdom cultures for me embodies the following ways:

1. values more integrated approaches to seeing, doing and being in the world - to rebalance the disconnection, polarisation and fragmentation that I see is growing within myself, others and the wider community

2. seeks to co-create deeper impact for change and transformation through integrating and transcending both structure and emergence,  allowing for more flow within the contexts we find ourselves in.

3. develops growing awareness through meditation as a practice to cultivate backgrounding the busy ‘doing’ mind so that my ‘being’ can come to the foreground.... and hopefully observe the dance between the two...