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Jude Horrill

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Jude Horrill

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Hi - I'm a consultant, coach, thinker and sense-maker, who over my working life so far have transitioned from being an orchestral cello player and music teacher through three other careers to arrive in the 'formal' world of lean and agile with an inherent understanding of the values and principles. I find this new space curious, enlightening and fun.  I'm happy to be ahead of the curve and now throwing myself into coaching for business agility in and across teams, with leaders, and with functions. Keen focus on looking at how to continue to inform and translate the world of agile and lean into simple everyday language, and bringing better ways of looking at 'the work' and 'the world of work' for everyone, not just tech or PMO teams.   

My session is this:

How do we approach leadership, change and engagement in an era of disruption, complex social networks, and increasingly chaotic environments? On top of that, how do we adapt to the fast emerging new world of work?

Increasingly, those given accountability to realise benefits from change initiatives must learn new approaches and become skilled at delivering results more quickly. At its core, learning to adopt an agile mindset and business agility muscles are new imperatives.

Connect - Simplify – Change: Jude’s approach focuses on connecting people, simplifying the work at hand, and working together at all levels to change how work is done. 

This session will explore:

  • The ‘why’ of the changing business and social landscape - and how to make sense of it
  • The 'what' of the new leadership skills required - and that it starts with you
  • The 'how' of a three step business agility coaching approach

Check out more about me and feel free to connect at: linkedin.com/in/judehorrill 

Can't wait to chat with you at LASTMel :)