Joanne Stone

Joanne Stone

Agile Coach & Leadership Coach
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Joanne Stone

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An agile coach, leadership coach and leader that helps teams and leaders create environments where they can be passionate, driven, continuous learners that love coming to work and creating great products together.   She has an IT background that started in development.  She has worked in both large and small organizations.

Joanne is the founder of the AgileTO Mentorship program that has supported and mentored over 100 mentees in the Toronto Area.  She is very passionate about giving back to this fabulous community.

Joanne is also a co-active coach and leader.  She loves working with clients from the Agile Community to support them in being the best they can be with their clients.

She leads by example and brings her passion, laughter, and drive to any of her engagements! #bestjobever