Jakub Jurkiewicz

Jakub Jurkiewicz

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Jakub Jurkiewicz

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Currently an agile coach at Agile Coaching Lab. Previously at Air New Zealand as an agile consultant, team leader, software developer and researcher. I worked in a startup where agility and innovation were harnessed every day and in a big corporation where people were afraid to change and to mention their ideas. Most of my experience is from working with software teams, however, I was lucky enough to work with an HR departments, marketing and procurement teams, helping them to embrace agility, change their mindset and be ready for the inevitable change. I gained a PhD degree from my research on bringing automation to requirements analysis.

In my free time, I build the agile community in Auckland, NZ. I am a co-founder of the Business Agility New Zealand meetup and Auckland Agile Coaching meetup.