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Many CIOs, CEOs and Sales Managers say that they are not getting as much from their CRM as they expected!  In particular, they want to get better user adoption.  If this is you, Gill is for you!

Gill Walker has a passion for CRM, for making CRM successful, and for sharing her knowledge.  She is a CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365) trainer as well as a keynote speaker and an all round Microsoft Dynamics 365 guru.  She loves getting underneath the problem and making it easy for you to understand.  Gill speaks from the heart as well as from expertise.

Gill will work with you to identify what is important for you within your CRM project, so you can be confident that you will get a CRM solution that works for you - not just a CRM.  She can then present this to your team, or everyone in your company in a way that motivates your people to be able to deliver your return from CRM.  Gill fervently believes that people are more capable than they let on, and loves to work with all users to give them the confidence to fly with CRM.

Gill speaks on CRM topics including:

  • The nine pillars of CRM success: showing how by investing in the right education at the right time for the right people, you can have a more successful CRM solution at a much lower cost.
  • CRM - Why? - Why (sm)all businesses need a CRM solution: This presentation shows the owners of start up, owner-operator, small businesses who have little experience of CRM how a CRM solution is essential to their success - now and in the future.
    • Why all businesses should include a CRM solution as part of their strategic plan
    • Different meanings of CRM
    • Benefits that successful CRM - regardless of the technology selected - will bring to you
  • Taming the Beast of CRM data: in this presentation Gill shows what you need to do to ensure that you get more from your CRM data:
    • more value,
    • more use
    • more benefit

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