Eelco Rustenburg

Eelco Rustenburg

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Eelco Rustenburg

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Eelco is Partner at Blinklane, leading the Scaled Agility Practice. He is also one of Blinklane’s top performers on Events and Trainings. The last 18 years have been primarily focussed on Agile and Scrum consulting, leading the implementation at primarily large organizations. In recent years, Eelco is supporting and driving multiple large scale Agile and SAFe transformations at 5 global enterprises. He provides guest classes at universities and business schools on the topic Agile at scale, governance and leadership.

Since 2008, Eelco is one of Holland’s top Agile thoughtleaders, having written the books “De Kracht van Scrum”, “De kracht van Scrum 2e editie (2016)” en “The Power of Scrum” together with founder of Scrum Jeff Sutherland and TU Delft professor in global software engineering Rini van Solingen.

Eelco is renowned for his Agile workshops, which are aimed at business, (senior) management and program/projectmanagement. The list of workshops for large companies is impressive. Next to this, he does a lot of talks on company business events, and open events. Recent events are Rally Philips SAFe ART simulation (2014), Large events on SAFe in Philips in 2013, the 2012 talks on Scaling Agile in general in 2 dutch conferences, The ABC talk on Agile Biology in 2013, CIO day 2011 in Holland, ALE2011 in Berlin, JFall in Holland 2011, Business events at Rabobank, Agile consortium, Nationale Nederlanden, Essent, SAP, XPDays2011 (Madrid).

Eelco is an Agile management thinker, program manager for change programs and creative thoughtleader for Agile practices, principles and behaviour. His ability to change mindsets along with process and structure is valuable for any large change program.


The primary focus of Eelco at this time is business and enterprise Agile, where he believes the real benefits of Agile can be found.


On himself: “The funny thing of my job is, that I never asked for it. I just kept doing the things I believe in, and nothing else. Somehow this led to a rather rollercoaster career, which has brought me at the exact core of what I can do. This has taught me to always use your full passion to follow your principles and valuesystem. The endresult, although completely unknown, will be the one you need. “


On Agile: “People often say Agile is another fashion of the ICT industry. When I look at what is happening, I see we are on the virge of a tipping point of moving to new paradigms, beyond the Assembly line style thinking we got so used to in many fields. Agile is one of the major movements towards the tipping point, which will create new organizational structures, better fitting our new needs. Social engagement, group individualism, global collaboration, all at ridiculous speeds, just ask for a new form of complex systems to make us all prosper in happiness.


This being quite high out there, I also believe we should look at this kind of visions once in a while, and then move on with concrete steps. The concrete step I am contributing is implementing Agile by the use of SAFe, Scrum, XP and Kanban in large corporate environments in such a way that Business is onboard. We’ll take the rest from there.”