Dr. Anita Bhandari

Dr. Anita Bhandari

Neurotologist & ENT Surgeon
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Dr. Anita Bhandari

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Dr. Anita Bhandari is MS (ENT) and a consultant Neurotologist practising in Jaipur, India. She has done a fellowship in Otology and Neurotology from Singapore. She has set up a state-of-art Vertigo and Ear Clinic in Jaipur (www.vertigoandearclinic.com) which is the most advanced vertigo clinic in India. 

Dr. Bhandari is actively involved in the development of diagnostic equipment in the field of diagnosis and rehabilitation of vertigo and balance disorders. She has contributed to the development of Computerized Dynamic Visual Acuity, Cranio-Corpography , Subjective Visual Vertical , VideoNystagmography and Posturography diagnostic equipment  and has 3 patents in this field . She has also been involved in the development of the use of Virtual reality for vestibular rehabilitation. She is Scientific advisor to NeuroEquilibrium, a unique project to set up 500 super-specialized vertigo and dizziness clinics in India, Asia & Africa leveraging cloud technology. 

She has authored chapters on 'Vestibular Physiology', 'Dynamic Visual Acuity', 'Surgical treatment of vertigo', 'Difficult cases in vertigo' in various Neurotology textbooks. She is an invited speaker in various Vertigo & Neurotology conferences across the world. She delivered the NES Oration in March 2019