Dinesh Sharma

Dinesh Sharma

Agile Coach
Agile Gurukul Pvt Limited
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Member since 7 years


Dinesh Sharma

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offshore-distributed-agile agile-lifecycle

I’m an Agile Coach for software development and implementation initiatives with more than 17 years of experience in the industry. I always focus on delivering high quality products while taking care of people and teams; strongly driven by agile principles.

While scope, time and costs are very important to me, I promote the acceptance of changes, incremental development, frequent delivery and early feedback.

People are the main asset of any project, far from being just resources they communicate, interact, commit and grow. I’m used to helping people get to quality deliverables while achieving high performance and low stress levels.

Helping others developing their skills and incrementing their knowledge is one of my favourite activities, which let me learn a lot. I’m convinced that the best way to train people is training their subconscious by living experiences.