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Deepti Jain

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Deepti Jain

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Deepti is an Agile practitioner, experienced in creating, leading, and managing Agile teams in a distributed setup. She is active in Agile community building in India. For the past 6 years her primary focus is on Agile and its Scaling with Continuous Integration and Improvement with Lean, Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agile Framework. She is also Atlassian Community Leader for Gurgaon-NCR.

To get access and share Agile abundance she has founded “AgileVirgin” in 2015. In addition to Consulting, Coaching, and Training, AgileVirgin also runs countrywide Communities of Practices. It’s flagship initiatives are AgilityToday, Agile-A-Thon, FUnconf, Change Agents Summit, and Women-in-Agile-and-Tech.

Personally, Deepti loves to connect and interact with people and prefer to call herself a social scientist. Always feel herself where technology meets people.