Cheryl Chamberlain Duwe

Cheryl Chamberlain Duwe

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Cheryl Chamberlain Duwe

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Cheryl is Sevatec’s Agile Systems Facilitator, tasked with embedding Agile Quality Management into all aspects Sevatec, not just service delivery. In this new position created in 2017, Cheryl is responsible for meeting (and exceeding) ISO and CMMI industry standard quality requirements through the holistic application of agile principles, including helping all company leaders adopt an agile mindset tied to modern leadership practices.

Her most recent presentation, A Holistic View of Agile and Quality: or, How I Survived My First Three Quality Audits, has some surprising revelations: “Ultimately, our auditors spent more time asking us about our AQM approach than actually auditing us and were very impressed with the people, processes and tools we have adopted. We believe that our holistic view of business agility will set us apart in the marketplace and drive our organization to its next level of excellent quality, in which all aspects of the business are operating in a lean, agile manner. Our focus on experimentation and continuous improvement lends itself to a fun, collaborative environment in which learning is expected, play is encouraged, and quality is an outflow of our working culture.”

As a rising star and authority on wellness at work, emotional intelligence, and psychological safety in the workplace, Cheryl is a skilled team facilitator and event speaker.