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Charu Jain

Test Manager
Fidelity Worldwide Investments
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Charu Jain

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Charu Jain


B-702, Suncity Heights,           Sector 54, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, Mob: +91-9810469904,                             


QA Manager

  • An accomplished Manager with 12 years experience in QA domain and over 2 years in Project Management.
  • Extensive experience in Cloud based technologies with HP R&D labs in India
  • In-depth experience in Quality Assurance with focus on automation and core QA technologies.
  • Certified Scrum Master with experience in implementing Agile and waterfall models for software development.
  • Skilled leader with excellent communication and managerial skills, reflected in 99% score in employee survey.
  • Proven ability to manage partner expectations both within India and with teams across geographies.



  • Certified Scrum Master       
·         Tools and Software Packages: ALM/Quality Center, Rally, Wiki, SharePoint, MS Project, MS Office applications, Adobe/Corel applications, MS Access, Lotus Smart Suite.
  • Tools and Technologies managed in Projects - Java, Python, MySQL, DJango, Selenium, Junit, TestNG, Jenkins, Sonar, REST APIs, SOA based projects.
·         Languages used: Visual Studio.NET, Visual Basic 2008/ 6.0, VBScript, XML, C++, Perl, Rational Visual Test 6.0/6.5, LoadRunner, SILK, Assembly Language 8086.




Fidelity Worldwide Investments, Gurgaon, India



The Investment Management Technology provides systems development, implementation and support services for FIL’s global Investment Management.


Test Manager                                                                                                 October 2014 to Present

  • Responsible for managing the QA activities for all the applications being used by Portfolio Managers and support group.
  • Responsible for planning and implementing automation testing for the various applications.


  • Managing a team of about 12 QA analysts.


Hewlett-Packard R&D Hub, Gurgaon, India

Cloud Printing and Imaging Services Lab


The Lab provides cloud based printing solution for HP web enabled printers.

HP ePrintCenter allows the users to virtually print from anywhere to an HP web enabled device.

Next generation interface-hpConnected (, is an enhanced version of HP ePrintCenter. It hosts all HP cloud based services through which users can connect all their devices and portfolios. This platform is the base for HP to come up with new services like Instant Ink.


Project Manager                                                                                December 2011 to March 2014

  • Responsible for managing the development, QA and release for HP ePrintCenter ( The project is the interface for HP’s web based printing solutions. It supports multiple partners and connects to the Web Print Platform.
  • Collected the requirements from the US teams and partnered with them to align on deliverables based on business priority and design complexity.
  • Responsible for managing the development and release of backend services for hpConnected.
  • Responsible for development and release of key features such as Migration to the new HP Connected interface, Ink Programs, integration with coupons and enhancing Out of Box experience. Coordinated with the partners to ensure end to end feature is fully integrated and tested before release to production.
  • Led the team to meet 100% on-time delivery targets for features released to production.
  • Contributed as a Scrum Master, encouraging the engineers to think independently, inculcating ownership and following Agile processes.
  • Managing the team of 8 direct reporting engineers. Responsible for their career development, training and continuous learning. Responsible for their performance and evaluations.
  • Led the transition of the team from a semi waterfall to a fully Agile methodology supporting bi-monthly production releases.
  • Initiated focused effort on automation using Selenium framework. Within a year, the team achieved 100% automation of BAT cases and 90% functionality coverage. This was especially helpful in reducing the regression lead time.


QA Manager                                                                                                         October 2010 to Nov 2011

  • Responsible for managing the core QA for Web Print Platform. As QA manager, initiated the automation efforts at the component level leading to reduction in test cycles and early identification of defects.
  • Managed a team of about 10 direct reporting engineers. Led their career development and training requirements. Responsible for their year round performance and evaluations.
  • Motivated and led the team to actively participate in technical conferences and IP filings.
  • Driving employee engagement initiatives during phases of transition.
  • Led the effort of recording all test cases and test plans in ALM across the various components of Web Print Platform. This streamlined the test case count and was beneficial in structuring the testing effort into levels according to criticality.
  • Responsible for consolidating the automation efforts across various teams into a streamlined process using a single set of tools and scripts. All API level test cases were segregated and automated using TestNG, all system integration cases using TestNG and supporting scripts. They were all integrated with CTF. All eco system/fleet cases automated using QTP.
  • Initiated automated reporting and continuous monitoring of new test cases and their automation status.
  • Streamlined triage process and ensured 24 hour turnaround for new defects. The triaging effort was based on Pillar model representing various components of WPP. This lead to timely resolution based on severity.
  • Initiated the concept of Escape analysis at all levels of testing so that the engineers and leads are regularly updating the test cases based on feedback.



Electronics for Imaging Inc., Parsippany, New Jersey, USA                   June 1999 to September 2008

QA Technical Lead/Supervisor


    • Responsible for research, development and implementation of QA automation solutions for EFI products related to printing and imaging.
    • Designed and developed the automation workflow, identified the system requirements, developed the scripts and tested them for viability. Once the automation process was streamlined and working efficiently, was responsible for transferring the tool to India and training the local team.
    • Actively involved in establishing a QA team in India. Involved with the process of hiring, training and managing the team. Responsible for planning and implementing the training program so that the knowledge transfer was done effectively and efficiently.
    • Designed and developed a program inVB.Net to delete all the printers and associated drivers from a system and subsequently clean all the related files, registry entries and forms database. The tool was functional for all Windows OSs and was shipped with the Fiery package.
    • Designed and implemented the regression testing for PCL6 Drivers. The tools, developed in VB.Net and Rational Visual Test and Perl, completely automated the process of testing the driver for various Printing Preferences options.
    • Responsible for setting up and implementing the WHQL certificate tests for PCL6 drivers (XP and Vista).
  • Coordinated and liasoned between the India QA team and the New Jersey engineering team. Facilitated the process of identifying, reporting and verifying bugs to reduce the lead time.


Significant Projects


            Fiery Delete Printer Utility

Individually designed and developed software for deleting all/selected printers and associated drivers from the system. The tool deleted all the associated files, registry entries and forms database. It produced a system that was completely residue free from any previous driver installations and hence could be used as a clean platform for testing new drivers both in-house and at the client site. The product was shipping with the Fiery package and was instrumental in identifying if the driver bugs were related to the current version or were being caused by left over files from previous installations. The tool had a GUI interface and was compatible with Windows XP/2000/Vista. It was developed in VB.Net with DLLs developed in C++.


QA Team in India

EFI New Jersey was a pioneer in setting up a core QA team in India. I was involved from the initial stages of hiring and managing the team. I was responsible for setting up the QA lab, associated test machines and printers. I visited India a couple of times to train the members regarding the products to be tested, running regression tests, identifying and reporting the bugs. I remotely managed the daily functioning of the team, their ongoing project enhancements and work distribution. I liasoned between the India team and the Engineering team for clarification of issues related to testing and bug reporting.

The team had grown from five members to about 40 and was well equipped in handling QA projects from New Jersey as well as from headquarters in Foster City.


Regression Testing for Printer Drivers

The objective was to develop a fully automated testing process that would test the daily driver builds and post the results on a web page so that QA/Engineering were alerted immediately.

I was responsible for architecture and implementation of the process. Developed tools that completely automated the process of testing the drivers for all Printing Preferences Options. Generated simulations for various user based options. Developed scripts to stress test the drivers for various user options. The test files used belonged to all Office applications and other applications commonly used in the printing industry, for example - Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, Corel Draw, Corel Ventura, Word Perfect, Lotus Suite - Lotus, Freelance Graphics. Once the process was stable and streamlined, was responsible for transferring the whole set up to the India team and training them.

The testing tools were developed using Rational Visual Test 6.0, VB.Net, Perl and XML and were used to run regression for all printer drivers associated with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista.


Research and Development

Responsible for testing new EFI products related to printing and imaging.

Developed scripts to stress test PrintMe (a software that would allow users to send print jobs over the internet to Printing shops) and developed an in house simulation to run regression tests on it. Responsible for automating the testing of EFI developed products - PDF generator, Preflight (job verifier), Image Wise (like Photoshop) and other new products.  Responsible for setting up and running the WHQL certificate tests for PCL6 drivers for XP and Vista.


Daewoo Motors India Ltd., New Delhi, India                                 June 1996 to May1997

Financial Analyst                                                                                                                               


  • Participated in the syndication of Working Capital Loans from various Indian and International Banks.
  • Negotiated with numerous bank officials to secure favorable short-term loan structures.
  • Analyzed monthly, quarterly and annual Financial Performance Reports required by creditor banks for periodic assessment of Daewoo’s short term fund requirements.
  • Independently designed and implemented a work flow process for quicker recovery of sales revenue from dealers resulting in interest expense savings and more effective Cash Flow Management.



  • Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA


Master of Science in Information Management, December 1999, GPA: 3.7/4.0

  • Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad, India


Master of Business Administration, Financial Management, May 1996

  • Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University, New Delhi, India


Bachelor of Science, Economics, May 1994