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I grew up wanting to be a doctor or an actress but when things didn't go my way - my mother refused to let me take up acting - I ended up a pharmacist. As appealing as a pharmacist does not sound, it's even less appealing to someone who's a complete creative extrovert.

So at 22 I went back to the drawing board and sat the exam to do medicine. Then I looked around me at all the doctors in my family, and went 'nuh'. Nine years on I have no regrets on my decision to go back to do a Masters in Business Information Systems. I think working in and with teams, delivering business value and changing the way we run our everyday lives is inspiring in itself.

I'm not an agile evangelist and although I'm a certified Scrum Product Owner, a trained Six Sigma Greenbelt - I don't hold heavily to one methodology, one way or one set of rules.

One thing I've learnt about coming from pharmacy is that having empathy is a translatable skill in any profession. It helps us to build relationships and delivery more successful outcomes because we understand and appreciate the change process.

I've been running projects for the last 5 years, but I still have a lot to learn, my journey so far has provided me a number of valuable skills and stories I can share for those in the industry or looking to pursue a change like mine in the future.