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Brett Lindstrom

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Brett Lindstrom

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Having spent 25 years working for CA, a large US software company, the last 17 years in Business Unit and Sales Management roles, I left CA in 2013.  After a "gap year" that extended to 16 months, thought it time to get back into a job, and out of my wetsuit and lycra.  But what to do?

As often happens, a friend said "come work for CharterMason as Talent Lead".  My initial reaction was that I wasnt a Talent Lead, but then we talked about it, actually I'd been a Talent Lead for 17 years.  Infact, my greatest strength and the reason I lasted so long in the pressure cooker environment of a big US corporate was that I always had great people working for me.  I always considered myself a "Servant Leader", long before my Agile colleagues at CharterMason used that terminology.

Half my job is finding great people, half my job is growing and keeping our great people.  I love that we are so heavily involved in the Agile world, where everyone thinks innovatively and progressively.  Our people are getting the opportunities to make real change at large Corporate's, and I see smart young consultants being given amazing opportunities to leap their careers forward.  It's what keeps me at work.