Ashwin Apte

Ashwin Apte

Director of Data Science and Engineering
Hike Messenger
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Ashwin Apte

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I have an MS in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University with a focus on Data Science, and an MBA (Operations) from IIM Lucknow and an MSc Electronics from Pune University.

My charter at Hike is to build state of the art micro-targeting capabilities that enable Hike to deliver a deeply engaging custom Hike experience to every user. This involves mining large graphs and real time user analytics to derive insights into user preferences, and using these insights to power a personalization platform. I am also involved in driving the culture of experimentation through the company. My current work interests include graph theory, user modelling and analytics and I also contribute towards product design and UX optimization.

My previous work involved re-defining e-commerce for the world's largest retailer. I have worked with product data to identify what pieces of content will most enhance the customer's purchase experience, structuring the content into its most useful and effective form and making it available on the retailer's website for tens of millions products in real time.

My areas of professional interest include social network analysis, data mining, machine learning and large scale micro-experimentation.