Ashwathi Nambiar

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Ashwathi Nambiar is a Software Engineer focused on offering solutions to MathWorks’ customers for efficient embedded deployment of Deep Learning models. She graduated from IIT Bombay (Electrical Dept.) in 2013, went on to work at Electronic Arts (EA) for over three years before joining MathWorks in 2017. As part of Team EA at GHC 2016 (Houston), she engaged in recruiting activities at the career fair booth and networking mixers. Her speaking experience includes - planning and conducting a Deep Learning and IoT workshop for 143 students at IIT Bombay, delivering a talk on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) at Women In Tech Ignite session, MathWorks India Advisory Board 2019, facilitating AI and technical brown bag sessions at MathWorks and EA and talks related to her published work on Complexity analysis and Algorithms for Inter Cell Interference Coordination with fixed transmit power problem (