Anton Zotin

Anton Zotin

Agile Coach | Trainer | Facilitator
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Anton Zotin

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I have worked in a wide variety of companies holding a wide variety of positions: from garage startups to "bloody" enterprises; from a manual QA to a C-level position. So I got a unique opportunity to observe how value could be differently delivered or NOT delivered.

My Agile journey started back in 2004 when I did my first Scrum transformation: yet another story of yet another traditional manager with a failing project.

So guess what! In 2010 I realized that I got bored with my career building and new shiny titles obtaining. And that was the point when I started to help people and organizations. I became a trainer, coach, mentor, facilitator and that naughty guy who shakes the status quo.

Since then I've:

  • helped many practitioners to sharpen their Agile skills.
  • helped many teams to become legendary.
  • consulted a wide variety of organizations across all layers.
  • trained hundreds of people through public & in-house classes.