Anjali D leon

Anjali D leon

Agility Coach, Educator and Advisor
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Anjali D leon

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Awakening new possibilities by connecting people to people, to ideas, and to purpose. Anjali shares her unique blend of emerging thought leadership and down-to-earth style to educate, inform, and inspire people to do their best work as she helps organizations navigate the powerful cultural and market shifts occurring in business and society today. Her coaching and consulting practice, PPL Coach, specializes in blending Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile principles and practices that ignite curiosity, create connection, facilitate co-creation, leverage wisdom networks, and embrace 'eco-vitalized being' to create valuable, innovative and purposeful solutions for all stakeholders with a broader and bolder win-6 attitude.

As the hub of an active local Agile Community, Anjali regularly serves in speaking and leadership roles at national Agile events and is the proud founder of the thriving South Florida Women in Agile group. She also served on the program team for the Women in Agile - Seeding Local Communities initiative. She is an honored contributor to the Domains of Business Agility book, a member of the leadership team of Agile Open Florida, and chairs the Agile Track for ITPalooza.