Alexis Stuart

Alexis Stuart

Digital Product Owner
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Alexis Stuart

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I have a unique combination of agile development, change management and consulting skills. I have a strong passion for innovative products which make life simpler for end users. I am an ambitious hard worker, a creative problem solver and I enjoy seeing the improvements that my work can make. I love working with highly motivated and passionate people, who are also striving to make a difference.

My experience, appetite for a challenge, and enthusiasm to work hard has me poised to succeed in any career opportunity.

Recently, the team that I am leading was nominated by the CEO as apart of our company recognition program for our outstanding team work and collaboration. See quote below -
“This team is absolutely killing it against all the odds. Under-sized, under-estimated and unbelievably effective at delivering real high visibility change into the busiest pages in our product. This team is doing the work that other teams have put off for years because it was too risky. Learning on the job and supporting each other every day. Love this team.”