Akanksha  Subhendu Bhanti

Akanksha Subhendu Bhanti

Agile Coach
TD Bank
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Akanksha Subhendu Bhanti

Specialises In
collaboration culture leadership process

No price for guessing ... I am Agile enthusiast with extensive transformation experience. In early years of my career and was awestruck by Agile because of liberty and Empowerment it gives.I am experienced in Agile coaching with extensive experience in Waterfall to Agile Transformations  focusing distributed scrum teams. I have promoted agile adoption in Financial, Health Care, Retail, Education, Energy , Media subscription domains.

Have established Agile CoE

Coached multiple clients in their Transformation Journey.

Agile Transformations and Culture shift are like my passion project , I have been reinventing them since over 20 years.

I am a established Trainer ,Coach ,Mentor and Speaker.

Connect with me over linkdin for Idea exchange or career guidance on how to level up your agile journey.

Pls. feel free to invite me to your event for speaking opportunity.