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  • helpHow do I log into my ConfEngine account?

    To log into your ConfEngine Account. You can either use social log in or use an email

    Using email -
    • Click on person Login present at the top right header.
    • Enter your email and password.
    • Click login
      1. If you cannot remember your account details or password, click Forgot Account? and follow the on-screen instructions.
      2. You will be required to verify your email once while setting up the ConfEngine account using email. If you want to request for another verification email then please enter your credentials to log in and you'll be given an option to resend verification email.
    Using Social Sign ins -
    • Click on person Login present at the top right header.
    • Select the social sign in service you want to use to log in.
  • helpHow to view my profile?

    • Hover on the name drop down and then select My Profile. This will take you to your profile.
    • Your profile consists of your bio, proposals submitted.
    • Keeping your profile updated makes it easier for the users to know about you.<user-name>
  • helpHow to update profile information - name, photo etc.

    • Login using your registered account.
    • Hover on the name drop down and then select My Profile<user-name>
    • To update your information, click in the top right corner.
    • To update profile photo, click on Edit Picture below the profile picture. Select image source and upload.
    • Click to save the changes.
  • helpHow to merge different social media accounts and ConfEngine account?

    • Hover on the name drop down and then select Merge Accounts.
      This will redirect to My Account page, select Merge Account option from the left menu.
    • Enter email/username you wish to merge and click send to proceed.
    • Confirm the account by clicking
    • An alert will pop up with warning, click to complete the merge operation
    • The account will be merged
  • helpI've forgotten my password. What should I do?

    If you have forgotten your password, you will have to verify your identity by following the steps:

    • Click present on the top of ConfEngine homepage.
    • Click on Forgot Password
    • You need to tell us the email address you used to log in. Click on Send Recovery Mail to receive further instructions.
    • Enter your new password and click to save the new password.

  • helpHow user can turnoff the profile discoverability?

    • Hover on the name drop down and then select My Profile<user-name>
    • Click on at the top-right corner of page.
    • Go to Allow Conference Attendees to Discover section and uncheck the checkbox. Click
    • Note:
      1. Your profile can still be shared using profile URL link even if profile discoverability is unchecked.
      2. Turning profile discoverability off will make your profile unsearchable by conference attendees.
  • helpHow do I change my Notification Email frequency?

    • We allows you to control when ConfEngine can send you notifications via email.
    • To update these preference, first visit your profile and click on the edit Update Profile button.
    • Scroll to the Notification Email Frequency section and change your preference.
    • Click on the button to save your preferences.
  • helpHow to check for notifications?

    • Hover on the name drop down and then select Notifications
    • On click of notification, user will be redirected to their notification page.
    • Clicking on notification card will send the user to the origin of the notification.
    • Notifications are marked as seen when they are viewed.
  • helpHow do I log out of ConfEngine?

    To log out of ConfEngine:
    • Hover on the name drop down
    • Select Logout