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  • helpHow to apply for Program Committee?

    • To apply for a review committee, go to the conference page.
    • Select People option from the left menu, this will drop down a list of sub options under People. Clicking on Program Committee will take you to the Program Committee page.
    • If the conference is accepting review committee applications then you will see a banner for applying to it after mentioning program team. Click on apply here
    • On click of apply here you will be sent to fill the Program Committee Application. Choose the role from the drop down and the theme you want to apply for.

      Explaining the purpose of your application will help conference organiser to take better decision.
    • Note:
      1. If you don't see program team banner at Conference Team page, then Conference Organisers are not accepting any program team application at that moment.
      2. Make sure all your profile information is up-to-date, as this will help the conference organisers to take a better decision.
  • helpHow to provide feedback to speakers?

    • You can give feedback and suggestions to speakers by commenting on their submission.
    • On the submission, scroll down to comment section and click on button.
    • A text editor appears. Fill in your comment and click on button.

  • helpHow to share submission feedback with other Program Committee Members?

    • We recommend you add a comment on the submission and mark the comment as Private Comment.
    • Please note that Private Comments are only visible to the program committee.
  • helpHow to vote for a submission?

    • To Vote for a submission, you must be a committee member of the conference.
    • On the submission page, under Committee Votes section, select your desired vote from the drop down and then click on .

      Please note that your votes are only visible to the Program/Theme Chair. Other reviewers cannot view your votes.
  • helpWhere can I view all my votes?

    • Under Admin > Submission Dashboard section.
  • helpHow to find the conferences you are associated with?

    • Hover on the name drop down and then select My Conferences
    • On click of my conferences, user will be redirected to My Conferences pages.
    • Clicking on the conference card will take the user to the conference info page.