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  • helpHow to Register for a conference?

    • Click on present on the top of ConfEngine Homepage.
    • Conferences are shown on the Confengine homepage. Click on the conference you would like to attend.
    • This will take you to it's conference info page. Click on either of the Register button present on the conference info page.
    • You can add workshop or conference pass to the cart by clicking the quantity drop down and selecting the number of passes to be bought.
    • If you have any discount code available, you can apply it at the cart.
      After entering the discount code click on to verify it.
    • Click on button present in Selection Summary to proceed.
    • If you are not signed in, then you'll be prompted to login or sign up.
      You can use social login or use email address at login/signup.
    • Or to login using email address, enter your associated email address and password in the appropriate field and click Login
    • Enter the Billing Address information, it will be used to process your online payment.
      It should match the Credit/Debit Card billing address registered with your bank.
    • Select the mode of payment and click on to proceed payment.
    • If your transaction is successful, you will see something like below.
    • Click on to fill out the attendee details.
    • You can either add yourself or add details of attendees.
      Click to add your details as attendee.
      Fill out the details of attendee instead.
    • After adding all the information, click on the to complete the registration process.
    • You will get an email with confirmation number on your registered email address. Happy Conferencing!
  • helpHow to clear cart?

    • Clearing the cart can quickly clear your past selection and let you add new items in the cart.
    • If you are at Conference Registration page, click on the Clear below the cart.
    • Else, go to the Conference Registration page from left side menu.
  • helpHow to make payment?

    • Select the payment option suitable for you.
    • If you choose the first payment option Visa, Master Card, etc, you will be redirected to HDFC Bank Payment Gateway.
    • Choosing Second or Third mode of payment will take you to AMEX Payment Gateway. Click on an any of the two options.
    • After successful payment, you will be redirected to payments tab of ConfEngine.
  • helpHow to do bulk registrations?

    • If the amount for registration exceeds 1,00,000 INR, you can pay using Pro-forma Invoice as well.
    • Follow the registration process till Payments Section. In the payments section choose Pro-forma Invoice.
    • Click on to download the pro-forma invoice and you would be able to initiate the payment process inside your company.
    • Note: If the total billing amount exceeds 1,50,000 INR, you can only pay through pro-forma invoice.
      Also, pro-forma payment option is available only for the transaction of and above 1,00,000 INR.
  • helpHow to get price alerts?

    • Go to the conference info page you wish to attend and click on either of the Register buttons.
    • Select your favorite workshops/conferences, scroll down to Price Alert section and click on

    • Notification Details pop-up opens. Fill in the details and click on
  • helpHow to get conference invoice?

    • Login using your registered account.
    • Hover on the name drop down on the top right corner and then click on My Account

      This will redirect you to My Account page.
    • Select My Invoices option from the left menu.

    • You will see the details of the invoice, if there are any.
    • You can view the invoice in your browser by clicking on or download it by clicking to get a local copy.
  • helpHow to add missing attendees information?

    • Login using your registered account.
    • Hover on the name drop down on the top right corner and then click on My Account
    • You will see a card with Missing Attendee Info alert, if any. Click on Enter Attendee Details on the top right corner of the card.
    • fill in the details on the Update Attendee Info page and click on to save the changes.
  • helpHow to edit attendees' info?

    • Hover on your name in the top right corner and then click on My Account
    • In Conference Passes and Attendee Summary page, Click on Edit, present within the Attendee Info card you wish to update.

    • Update the attendee details and click on
  • helpWhere to find all the passes bought under your account?

    • Hover on your name in the top right corner and then click on My Account
    • This will take you to the page with all the passes bought under your account for the events.