User Guide - Conference Schedule

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  • helpHow to view conference schedule?

    • Click on the View Schedule button present on the conference info page to view schedule.

    • To view the session details click on the session card.
    • There are two ways to view schedule - List and Rich.
      List View is default schedule view.
      To select the schedule representation that suits you the best, click on the buttons present in the screen shot below.
  • helpHow to add sessions to my schedule?

    • View the session by clicking on the session card.
    • To add session to your schedule, click on button present on the session cards.
    • To remove session from your schedule, click on button present on the session cards.
  • helpHow to see my schedule sessions?

    • You can see selected sessions by clicking on the My Schedule drop down and selecting Show.
  • helpHow to share my schedule sessions?

    • To share the schedule, click on Share from My Schedule drop down. A popup appears with schedule link and option to share on social media. Choose any to share.
    • Copy the link or use social share buttons to share
  • helpHow can I export sessions from my schedule?

    • Click on My Schedule drop down and click on Export option.
  • helpHow to search schedule?

    • At the conference schedule page, click on
    • Search for the proposal name, tag, or speaker name at the search box.
    • Press enter or click on search
    • Note: You can combine your search keywords, eg. if you want to search for a proposal on the basis of a speaker and proposal being workshop then search for speaker name and workshop together.
  • helpHow to share your schedule search?

    • To share the search result you can click on share