User Guide

  • helpAdd a new conference

    • Click on the HOST YOUR EVENT button found at the top right corner of the home page.
    • If you are not logged in, you'll be asked to login or create an account first. After successfully logging in or creating an account, you'll be returned back to "Add New Event" page.
    • Select "Conference" as the event type and click NEXT.
    • Fill up all the required information about the conference.

    • The "Is Virtual" option at the end of the page lets you select whether the event is virtual or in-person. Choosing "No" indicates that it is a physical, in-person conference.
    • For a virtual conference, you have the following options to stream your conference sessions:
      1. Link (You will manually specify a livestream URL for every session)
      2. JioMeet (integrates with your JioMeet account and automatically generates session links) 
      3. Zoom (not publicly available right now)
    • Click on the ADD CONFERENCE button at the bottom of the page when you are done.
      You can come back and edit this information later if required.

      Note: Your conference is created but it's not yet public. Select a package by clicking here to see the pricing plan.
  • helpAdd a multi-city/venue conference

    • Click on   on the ConfEngine Home Page.

    • If you are not logged in then we'll redirect you to the login page first. You'll be automatically redirected to the add event page once you are logged in successfully
    • Select your event typ:e- “Conference” from the drop down and click


    • You will be directed to the “Add conference” form, fill the required fields

    • Navigate to the “Venue Details” section of the form and click to add a new city for your event. Fill in your details.

    • Click and follow the same process to add in the details of the multiple venues 
    • Once you have filled in all the required fields, scroll down and click to save the details of your conference.
  • helpUpdate core conference details

    • Select Update Conference from the Admin menu
    • Update the desired details and click UPDATE CONFERENCE

    • Note:
      1. You won't be able to update the conference name, since the conference ID is based on the name and used everywhere in the URLs. Changing this would break all the links to your event pages.
      2. If you don't see the Admin drop down menu, make sure you are at the conference page for the event you are administering.
  • helpSet up live streams for your conference

    Note: You cannot setup streaming links for your conference until the schedule is published.

    The instructions below will walk you through both adding links manually and using the JioMeet integration to auto generate meeting links.

    Adding live streams manually

    If you selected the option "Link" when setting up your virtual conference. You will use the following steps to add live stream links.

    • Select Setup Live Streams from the Admin menu at the top right corner of your screen.
    • For each session in your schedule paste the corresponding link from the streaming platform you are using.
    • As you add each link, you must click the adjacent disk icon to save it. Each link must be saved individually.

    Adding live streams with JioMeet

    If you selected the option "JioMeet" when setting up your virtual conference. You will use the following steps to add live stream links.

    • Select Setup Live Streams from the Admin menu at the top right corner of your screen.
    • Click on the “Set up your JioMeet Account” link
    • Sign in or sign up for JioMeet following the on-screen instructions
    • Once you are connected to JioMeet, you will be directed to the Live Stream Setup page.

    • Batch create links for all sessions by clicking the SETUP ALL MEETINGS button found above the top right corner of the session list. If you have a large event with lots of sessions, this may take some time.

    • Alternately, if you wish to create streaming links one at a time, click on the SETUP MEETING button next to each session.
    • If required, insert/edit details of your session
    • Once completed, click CREATE MEETING at the bottom of the window to save the details and generate a JioMeet link for the session.
  • helpSend emails to speakers, sponsors, attendees and the program team

    • Select Send Emails from the Admin menu found at the top right corner of the screen
    • Click on the button for the group you wish to send an email to:
      • Sponsors
      • Attendees
      • Programme team
      • Speakers (see additional options below)
    • Fill in the return email address, subject and message you want to send
    • Click PREVIEW EMAIL to send yourself a copy of the email at your registered email address.
    • Once you are happy that all the details are correct, click SEND EMAIL.

    There are additional options for sending emails to speakers. The speaker mailing list includes everyone who submitted a proposal for your conference. To give you more control over your messaging, you can select segments of the speaker list on the following basis:

    • Selected
    • Invited
    • Invited/Selected
    • Not Invited/Selected
    • Everyone who submitted
    • Paid Workshops
    • Position Papers
  • helpSet proposal visibility

    • While creating a new conference:
      • On the create conference page, you can scroll to Conference Settings section.
    • If you have already created a conference:
      • Navigate to conference page.
      • Select the Update Conference option from the Admin menu at the top right corner, this will take you to update conference page.
      • Scroll to Conference Settings section.
    • Check the option Keep submitted proposals private until accepted?.
    • This will ensure that when potential speakers submit their proposals they are not publicly visible anywhere.
    • Once the program committee accepts the proposal, only then the proposal would be publicly visible
    • Reject proposals will never be visible
    • Note:As soon as you add Invited Submissions, they would be publicly visible.
  • helpView conference stats

    1. Go to conference info page.
    2. Click on About and then Statistics to see the conference stats.
  • helpImport attendees from an external source

    • Select Import Attendees from the Admin menu

    • Enter the attendee list for the Conference by entering a tab separated list of First Name, Last Name, Email & Organization and click on “Upload”

    Note: Conference Organisers not using ConfEngine to register their attendees can use this function in case you would like to import your attendees to ConfEngine.