If you are not a Manager when you've reached 40 then you have certainly failed in your professional life ...

So many managers have been "promoted" to management positions because they were very good (even excellent) at their jobs. It is a shame that management seems to be not only the only expected career growth but also so badly taught to people starting in that job. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Is it normal that becoming a manager is seen as a grail or a necessary step in a professional career?
  • How could we end this belief?
  • How can we remain proud to evolve and innovate in our respective fields?
  • How to become an efficient and happy manager when we choose it as our career

Learning Outcome

  • A bit of fun
  • How to have a career growth outside of managing position¬†
  • How to become an efficient and comfortable manager¬†

Target Audience

All - leaders - managers

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