Make a greater place for emotions in the workplace : now even more than ever with remote and virtual work

Let's talk about our emotions as human; about emotional intelligence and how to treat and welcome emotions in the workplace, especially now with the Covid-19 sanitary crisis and remote work. 

Emotions are quite simply a human characteristic that we all have. It is vital that organisations recognize this too before emotions take over and blow their world away. Especially as by not addressing people’s emotions, productivity is ultimately affected. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • An overview of human emotions : how do they behave, how are they triggered, how do we usually receive them socially ? 
  • An overview of what made us repress emotions in the work environment 
  • Some tools and technics, empathy, emotional intelligence 

Learning Outcome

  • Identify the different emotions 
  • Learn a few tools on how to treat / welcome / knowledge emotions so the negative impacts of not addressing them can be minimised 
  • Leadership posture with empathy 

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees


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