You are a Scrum Master, but you find yourself in between jobs. You begin your search. How do you choose the home that will be a great fit for you? How do you know which company you want to be adopted by? This talk is a fresh way to look at the companies that may be trying to hire for a role they don’t understand and don’t want to pay for.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction. Why this talk? 5’

Next, I’ll check in with the audience to discuss their experiences. We’ll talk about their ideal Scrum Master job description. 10’

Next, I’ll spend some time going through actual quotes from job descriptions and discuss my take on the true meaning behind the things these companies are asking for. Examples will include combined roles, incorrect expectations, wrong terminology, less-than-market pay rates, combining scrum and waterfall practices.

Each will take 2-4’.

Discuss a great job description. Prepare hopeful Scrum Masters so they can choose their next adopted company wisely 5’

Remainder of total timebox – Q&A

Learning Outcome

How to spot jobs that might be toxic.

How to spot jobs where management has no clue what agility is all about.

How to spot a company that asks for scrum master but really wants something else.

Learn how to talk with recruiters to find out what a company is really going to be like if you get hired.

Target Audience

Scrum Master or anyone interested in agile jobs

Prerequisites for Attendees


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