Personal Kanban: Making your life better, one sticky note at a time.

Kanban isn’t just for work. How I reluctantly learned to use Kanban to get my personal life in order and why I’ve never been happier.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Intro: Introduce why I’m doing this talk

Define personal Kanban

Define why “You” want to use it.

Psychology behind it and ways to make this work for you: Trello, whiteboard, book, etc…

Examples: I’ll be asking the audience to help me craft a list of “home work” that we’ll cover. Will likely include: kid chores, moving, home improvements, vacation planning, etc.

Use of color in personal Kanban.

Use of iconography in personal kanban.

WiP. How to establish a wip limit. Explain what it is and how to use it effectively

Handout personal kanban boards and help audience get their own kanban board started.

Q/A open forum for the remainder of the timebox.

Learning Outcome

Understanding why personal kanban works, even at home.

Target Audience

Anyone with too much stuff to do every day.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prereqs

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      You are a Scrum Master, but you find yourself in between jobs. You begin your search. How do you choose the home that will be a great fit for you? How do you know which company you want to be adopted by? This talk is a fresh way to look at the companies that may be trying to hire for a role they don’t understand and don’t want to pay for.