Product management involves product ideation, development, marketing, strategy, selling throughout its lifecycle with the purpose of delivering products valuable to their targeted customers. New product development had traditionally followed waterfall model. It followed the SDLC phases of scope identification, release planning, requirements specification, estimation, design, development, tasks, baselined plans, testing, support and maintenance. With the fast changing market conditions and emergence of new technologies, waterfall was no more an efficient way of developing products and agile became more popular over waterfall. It not only encouraged news ways of development but also news ways of working and mindset. Agile became new norm for software development.

Subsequently, with the emergence of internet and SMAC technologies, and later digital technologies have disrupted market significantly. Customer wants more personalized experience, speed and value for money. Traditional product management is not equipped to meet the demands of new age digitally powered customers. Has the digital age impacted the way product management function is organized in enterprises? In this session, I will share thoughts and experience on the changing role of product management to survive and win in the age of digital disruption


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

5 min: A quick recap of Traditional product management

15 mins: Changing face of product management in the digital age

  • Customer relationship
  • Role of digital technologies
  • New roles and responsibilities
  • Challenges for traditional product managers

20 mins: Modern practices and processes for digital product management

  • Agile and DevOps
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital marketing
  • Modern teams

5 mins: Q&A

Learning Outcome

Key takeaways:

  • changing landscape of product management from the early waterfall days to modern digital age,
  • Challenges product management as a function goes through while coping with the digital disruption,
  • Skills and capabilities for today's digital product owners

Target Audience

Product Managers, Product Owners, Agile teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of product lifecycle, software development lifecycle (waterfall and agile), good to have knowledge on digital technologies

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