Hike is a mobile-first, messaging platform that is used by 100 million users to exchange 40 billion messages/month. Hike app is available on Android, iOS and Windows phone. On the back-end, we’ve 100+ macro-services in Java, Python, Ruby, Go and Elixir. While setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline, we ran into a series of technical challenges. However it was more important to address the organisational/behavioural challenges to ensure a sustainable culture shift in the company.

In this talk, I’ll explain how we went about:

  • Setup a trunk-based development model
  • Decentralised our build & test environments using Docker and Jenkins
  • Segregated and containerised our macro-services
  • Refactored the mobile apps to be more container friendly
  • Setup a mobile device farm using STF
  • Improved the quality of code-reviews using PRBuilder & PRRiskAdvisor
  • Created different kinds of automated tests to align with our CI Pipeline and get rapid feedback
  • Finally how we used C3 to visualise the health of our code-base



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