REST is a popular architectural style for building APIs. But if you take a closer look it seems that not many developers pay attention to or make use of hypermedia in their APIs, although most of them see themselves somewhere between level 2 (HTTP verbs) and 3 (Hypermedia Controls) in the Richardson maturity model.

Why do they miss out on one of the most valuable aspects of RESTful APIs?

Besides the lack of knowledge and experience the need to deal with the inherently dynamic runtime aspect of hypermedia APIs might hold them back.

In this talk, Uli will dive a little bit deeper into some of the aspects related to hypermedia and REST APIs in general and show that most of what is needed for providing a rich hypermedia API experience has to be developed anyway.

This will cover:

  • what hypermedia is about and how it can help developing richer APIs
  • considerations when selecting media types for a hypermedia API
  • how to avoid coupling on the server and client side
  • how to leverage and integrate the ubiquitous language of the domain

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