Prototyping with the Pros: An Introduction to Facebook’s Origami App Prototyping Toolset

Origami is a free set of extensions to Apple’s Quartz Composer developer tool that Facebook created to prototype all their app and website interactions. It allows for a tight loop of interaction and artwork iteration that precludes a need for text-language coding, but goes way beyond what customary wireframes and click-through prototypes can achieve.

Brave designers using Origami can become interaction coders for prototyping and testing purposes without writing a single line of code. This type of rich product feature prototyping is an emerging specialisation in app development circles known as Product Design.

Origami can export native iOS/Android/web code, providing animation specifications (dimension, durations, etc) in a language engineers can readily understand and easily transform into finished code. Getting designers and engineers on the same UI/UX page has never been easier.

Those who attend this demonstration of Origami will come away with a feel for:

  • the speed with which an app interaction prototype can be constructed;
  • how fun live coding a prototype can be;
  • the ease with which a prototype can be evolved;
  • how expressive and open Origami and QC are in terms of constructing new interaction ideas;
  • the tangible benefits in allowing designers to take more responsibility for application interaction design.

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