Serverless in Production: Lessons from a Skeptic

location_city Perth schedule Sep 5th 03:45 - 04:35 PM place Argyle Ballroom

Why just migrate your existing infrastructure to the Cloud when you can remove it entirely? Serverless computing is very much the new Shiny, and proponents argue that it allows companies to focus more on their users as well as the features and business logic that are important to them. Kris was a serverless skeptic who embarked on a project last year to convert an existing server-based application to run on AWS’s Lambda. She’ll share lessons learned from that project as well as general patterns, lessons, best practices, and pitfalls that are applicable to all serverless platforms. If your skepticism has been holding you back from implementing serverless in production, this talk aims to convert you!


Target Audience

Web developers, architects, anyone with an interest in serverless infrastructure



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