location_city Online schedule Jul 23rd 06:20 - 07:05 PM place Grand Ball Room 1

Elixir is often described as a language which offers great support for massive concurrency. First-hand reports cite the ease of handling millions of connected users, sub-millisecond response times, and superb fault-tolerance. These are all great benefits, but we’re left wondering whether Elixir is useful only for large scale systems, or can it bring some benefits in the simpler cases too?

This talk aims to demonstrate that Elixir is also a great choice for building smaller systems. Through a very simple but still a real-life example, I’ll explain how using Elixir can help simplify the system architecture, and lead to a more homogeneous solution. The talk targets backend developers who are new to Elixir. After the talk, the audience will have a clearer idea about what makes Elixir attractive, and why should they consider using it to build their next backend system.


Target Audience

backend developers curious about Elixir



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