Compose Melbourne :: What we Learned from Starting a Functional Programming Conference

location_city Melbourne schedule May 15th 11:40 AM - 12:10 PM place Green Room people 76 Interested

Everything you ever wanted to know about starting a functional programming conference from scratch and some things you didn't. We'll cover the great times, the stressful times and all of the behind-the-scenes. Learn how we brought people together, how we chose talks and how we managed to create a community atmosphere enjoyed by both beginners and sages alike.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Talk will be shared between 4 speakers who each present on an aspect of founding Compose :: Melbourne.

1. Origin Story

2. What makes a great community and keeps the vibe mellow

3. Incorporating and other boring legal stuff that's important if you don't want to get sued

4. Looking to the future

Learning Outcome

You will leave prepared to start your own awesome regional FP conference!

Target Audience

Those interested in community organising and putting on FP events

Prerequisites for Attendees

A lightness of spirit, and a desire to bring people together.



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  • Andy Kitchen

    Andy Kitchen - Meta-quines

    30 Mins

    A quine is a program that outputs its own source code, but can you create a 2 quine, a pair of programs that output each other with an A->B->A->B cycle? What about between different languages? Can you gzip your own source code? Is there a structured way to do this with theory? All these questions will be somewhat answered, in ways that will make your head hurt... math-a-magical demos and over 9000 layers of meta-ness await!